TheLeadMagnet FAQs

What is TheLeadMagnet?

TLM is a Listbuilder & a Mailer. You can build your own List With Us!
In a Viral mailer all members can email each other. Send your email ad
promoting your web site & get credits for viewing other members emails.


How can I Earn Credits?

You'll find a credit link in every email from other members.
With your credits, you will be able to email other members
of TheLeadMagnet Or you can Buy Credits!


You agree to receive any earned commissions through PayPal. We can also pay with Uphold,Wise or any Crypto.
We Pay Commission on the last day of each month after a grace period of 30 days. Minimum Payment is $25.
The Lead Magnet is not Liable to pay out any commissions if you not meet those requirements. We don't allow
you to sign up under yourself, your wife/husband, partner etc to get unfair advantages, get commissions etc.
Contact Support to get any commission other than through PayPal)

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