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How do I add Banners?

Solution Many Programs provide Banners in The HTML Format.
Let's say you were given the following banner code:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" width="468" height="60"
alt="The Lead Magnet"></a>

Inside Our Program You are asked to put 3 Things

1. Banner Name: Any name will do. Will only show in your account

2. Banner Url: This is The Banners Url, Picture like: (Must be .gif .jpg
or .png When You put this in your browser a picture will show, your Banner)

3. Target Url: This is your link, Url:

This is the page people will see when they click on your banner

Do NOT enter any HTML code or quotes and do not add The Lead Magnet
Banners in TLM, cause every person seeing it, is a member already

Click the Preview Button to test your banner!

If your banner does not display that means you have not entered the
Banner URL properly or you don't see Your page when click your banner
means something is wrong with the url. (a blank Step, " or any html
code might been added)

If You need any help adding banners, login ads etc... send a support ticket here:
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